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Petar Miloshevski is a London-based British/Macedonian actor, performer and theatre-maker. 


Petar’s work in recent years has focused primarily on pioneering solo projects, including site-specific projects, appearing at a wide range of festivals, chamber theatres, and non-conventional venues across London, the UK and Europe. In London he has performed in venues including the Old Vic Tunnels, Doxtar – Brixton, Proud Camden Gallery, New Diorama Theatre, Shaw Theatre, Camden Peoples Theatre, Tristan Bates Theatre, Saddler’s Wells (Lilian Baylis Studio). Further afield, he has been invited to perform his shows at a wide  range of cutting edge theatre festivals in Germany, France, Romania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, and Armenia.


Petar devises his own scripts, sound, lighting, and sets, and his performances have been remarked for their unique combination of speech and physical theatre. Many who have observed his work, both in the UK and in continental Europe, have commented on how it brings together the best of two worlds: the discipline and mastery of dramatic structure emanating from Eastern European theatre schools, with the irreverent approach to the creative process which has become a trademark of British theatre making.


Over the years, Petar’s four flagship solo-shows ‘HOPE’, ‘THE BEAUTIFUL’, ‘LOVE’ and ‘The Passion according to BIBI’ attracted awards and outstanding press accolades. His latest, ‘The Passion according to BIBI’, premiered in London as part of the Camden Fringe Festival. That year, Time Out London shortlisted it for its “Top 10 most exciting shows” and the Evening Standard for its “Most anticipated shows”. Reviewers commented that the show was "totally different to anything seen before". 


During this year’s COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Petar turned to a completely new medium for him, creating two video performances in home isolation conditions - ‘You Will Marry Me’ and ‘My Dreams Will Be Your Dreams’ - which attracted extraordinary feedback for being “ecstatic and incredibly current”.


Petar is based in London since 2007. He was born in Bitola, Macedonia, where aged just eight years old he was invited to take part in a professional production at the Bitola National Theatre. His involvement in Bitola’s vibrant 1990s theatre scene through his childhood and teenage years gave him the opportunity to work closely with some of the country’s foremost actors and directors. He received his formal training in Drama Acting at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Art in Sofia, which he completed with an MA in Advance Theatre Practice (Performance) at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

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