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Concept, script, soundtrack, lighting and set devised by Petar Miloshevski

Costume designer: 

Directed and performed by Petar Miloshevski



Angels from above and devils from beneath: Adams, Brandes, Kharms, Marcello, Meiwes,

Mishima, Nabokov, Popa, Prevert, De Sade, Sexton, Schnittke, Verdi, Woolf, Yourcenar




On a sunny spring afternoon, “Y”, wanting to realise at last a long-held fantasy, posted an ad looking for a partner with whom he would make love, then be killed, cut in pieces, and eaten by his lover - reaching his idea of the ultimate sexual nirvana. “X” most benevolently responded to the ad.

This is their love story.



/Inspired by a real event/




Festival sellection:  FIRST - A Festival of Solo Performances - London, UK (premiere) | Feb 2015

                                      Internatonal Monodrama Festival - Bitola, Macedonia | Apr 2015 

                                      IMPACT - International Performing Arts Festival - Veles, Macedonia | Nov 2015

                                      Zealous X Festival - London, UK | Jan 2016

                                      Black Box Festival - London, UK | Jan 2016

                                      Bath Spa Live Festival - Bath, UK | Mar 2016

                                      International Solo-Theatre Festival Armmono - Yerevan, Armenia | May 2016 

                                      Paris Fringe - Paris, France | May 2016

                                      BABEL International Performance Arts Festival -Târgoviște, Romania | June 2016

                                      Theater im Delphi - Berlin, Germany | Oct 2019

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