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The Exalting Dreams of the Wondrous Foul

Devised, designed, directed and performed by Petar Miloshevski

Commissioned by 7 Stages Theatre - Atlanta, GA, as part of Curious Sensory Encounters

The Exalting Dreams of the Wondrous Foul is a site-specific physical theatre solo-performance, reflecting on the story of an individual left on the margins.


Featuring The Foul: a character of an incredibly ambiguous nature, a person dressed in what looks like rags – but very deliberately chosen rags, beautifully crafted and stylized – as if the person is about to go to the opera house. In the eyes of “ordinary people”, though, the mismatched laces, divine silks, beautiful skirts, astonishing pearls, dashing wigs, will amount to little more than Filth. A character of an androgynous appearance, brooding amongst the crowd, telling a story of abandoned dreams, failed ambitions, solitude – yet so many hopes awaiting realization. 

This is a performance tackling topics of gender, sexuality, societal abandonment, loneliness. It explores the sense of SIGHT: The Foul represents the people we constantly avoid, pretending we don’t notice, walking past them, deliberately ignoring them, the countless characters we stumble into every single day. Yet how many times do we ask ourselves what is the real story of each one of these potentially incredible characters. 

This piece aims to incarnate, bring to life, and give a voice to people who suffer in silence because of their identity, background, inability to find the platform or a voice. Although it primarily speaks to the sense of Sight, it also indirectly references the other senses: this is a piece about the person our societies have consciously declared War against – and the primary weapon of this war is the numbing of our senses: we don’t want to see them, we don’t want to smell them, we never want to hear from them, let alone touching them or being touched by them. 

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