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You Will Marry Me 


Conceived, Performed, Vocalised, Directed & Edited by Petar Miloshevski


Camera by Gaetan Le Divelec


Written by Petar Miloshevski with found texts in lockdown by

Virgina Woolf, Jacques Prévert and few unknown sources




You Will Marry Me is created in lockdown, using only props and literature found at home and entirely filmed on an iPhone, fearlessly embracing the 2020 pandemic situation.


This is a dreamlike video work - a story about a person locked between four walls, disputing their own gender, their own will for survival. Brooding, yet levitating moments of loneliness, yet so much passion and wanting. This is how this person doubts, this is how this person desires, loves, dances, sings with the power of spaces of the most vast cathedrals. This is how this person wants to carry on despite all. This is how this person wants to marry life.






Lift-Off Film Festival - London, UK | July 2020

Flickfair - Los Angeles, USA | Aug 2020 

Stagedoor (part of Streamdoor) - London, UK | Sep 2020


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