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My Dreams Will Be Your Dreams


Conceived, Performed, Vocalised, Directed & Edited by Petar Miloshevski


Soundtrack by Blanka Barbara


Camera by Gaetan Le Divelec


Written by Petar Miloshevski,

using texts by Charles Baudelaire, Anne Sexton, Arseny Tarkovsky, Eugene Ionesco, Carl Sandburg



Shot entirely with an iPhone and using only props and texts found at home, My Dreams Will Be Your Dreams is a heady whirlpool where fairytales and nightmares cohabit - a story of the Artist in lockdown, swinging from sublime inspiration to vicious self-doubt.


How do we function in this situation? What awaits us? What does going "back to normal" mean and does the possibility of a "new world" really exist?





Lift-Off Film Festival - London, UK | Aug 2020 

Stagedoor (part of Streamdoor) - London, UK | Sep 2020 

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