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Script, actor, director, set, music and light – Petar Miloshevski

Costume designer –  



THE BEAUTIFUL is an eerie, highly visual and physical, post-dramatic and post-Brechtian piece of theatre. It tackles the modern attitude to beauty in a metaphorical and symbolical way. What lies beneath the urge of person to transform itself in order to become more beautiful? What secrets, frustrations and intimidations are buried under all this?


As a symphony of word, physicality, lighting and music, THE BEAUTIFUL tells the peculiar story of a character, who, imprisoned in a world of his own, strives for a state of heightened beauty, without realising the true effect of his actions: physical decay and moral disintegration. The show explores the topic in a surrealistic way, highlighting it with elements of expressionist physical theatre, provoking the audience's sensibility and emotionality. The story and text written by Petar Miloshevski is a fantasy of sewn lines by Rimbaud, Ionesco, Duras, Marquez, Bulgakov, Plath, Sandburg.




An  All-Rounder of An Artist - International Theatre Festival Mogilev, Belarus 2014

An Award for the Artistic Quest for New Forms in Solo Theatre - International Chamber Theatre Festival Hanover, Germany 2014



Offiicial Festival Selection: 


Camden Fringe Festival - London, UK | August 2013 

International Thetare Festival - Mogilev, Belarus | March 2014

International Chamber Theatre Festival - Hanover, Germany | April 2014

FIRST - a festival of solo performances - London, UK | April 2014

International Monodrama Festival - Yerevan, Armenia | April 2014 

International Theatre Festival MOT - Skopje, Macedonia | September 2014

International Performing Arts Festival IMPACT - Veles, Macedonia | September 2014 

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