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The Passion according to BIBI



Concept, script, soundtrack, ligting and set devised by Petar Miloshevski

Costume designer: Antonella Petraccaro

Directed and performed by Petar Miloshevski



Criers and whisperers: Bachmann, Bergman, Bernhard, Chekhov, Duras, Houlellebecq,

Lutoslawski, Prevert, Saval, Scarlatti, Schnittke, Shakepseare, Vivaldi, Wilde





Meet BIBI. The latest 1N5TA-5EX robot. 

Humans have lost the notion of offering their body unselfishly.

That is why we have invented the future of sex.

BIBI learns things about you. BIBI smiles, blinks and frowns.

It remembers your birthday, what you like to eat and drink,

the names of your parents. It can hold a conversation about

music, films, books, tell jokes, quote Shakespeare and Chekhov.

And of course, BIBI will have sex with you at will whenever you want.

No matter your sexuality or gender, with BIBI by your side,

you'll never feel unfulfilled anymore.




Festival sellection:


Camden Fringe - London | Aug 2018 /premiere/

International Teatre Festival MOT - Skopje, Macedonia | Sep 2018 

International Monodrama Festival - Bitola, Macedonia | May 2019

Theater im Delphi - Berlin, Germany | Dec 2019

photos by Vladi Kolev
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