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THE BEAUTIFUL | Yerevan Review



International Monodrama Festival - Yerevan, Armenia 2014

Festival’s overture was exquisite – THE BEAUTIFUL by Petar Miloshevski, UK. If you compare Petar at the press conference - a very young, blondish-bespectacled smart ass - and Petar on stage, the transformation couldn't have been more skilfully done.


On the darkened stage stood a strange creature - whether evil spirit, or an infernal bird with mesmerising green eyes. This being, tossed between masculine and feminine principles, tore apart the desire to find a different, male or female, but beautiful flesh. The actor commanded his body virtuously, the voice – ranging from smarmy to formidable - sounded like velvet breaking into falsetto. Regarding his costume – truly theatrical costume, piled and assorted as a puzzle, one can, at least, write a thesis. Briefly, fine! Particularly, even finer while observing this acting master-class resembling a true gem.


Sonya Meloyan

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