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THE BEAUTIFUL - reviews from Macedonia

20, 21 / 09 / 2014


International Theatre Festival MOT, Skopje

International Performing Arts Festival IMPACT, Veles 


THE BEAUTIFUL is a project by Petar Miloshevski, a Macedonian who lives and works in London. Directing, script, effects - everything is conceived by him. Leaving aside superlatives for every aspect of the show, one’s strongest impression is about his acting. Petar Miloshevski is a man who acts with every muscle fibre, every nerve and every cell in his body. No matter which part of his body you look at, he shows the situation the character is in supremely, even with the tip of his fingers. In a flash, he turns into something else and then into yet another completely different thing. Any further comments on how he portrays the character would be simply redundant.


Stefania Tenekedzieva - Radio MOF




On the small stage of the Dramski Teatar, the solo-performance by Petar Miloshevski, our fellow countryman who lives in London, titled THE BEAUTIFUL, was an unqualified success. Through dance and speech Miloshevski tells, or rather unfolds before us, an hour-long swan song about our attempts to achieve ideals of beauty in people and life. To this end he personally selected texts (Ionesco, Duras, Marquez, Bulgakov ...) and created a symphony in which speech, body expression and elements of mime expression have equal importance. In each of these aspects, actor Petar Miloshevski is remarkable, subtle and exquisite, with an astonishing power to etch and morph through the emotional states of the character. 


Todor Kuzmanov - Radio Skopje (Macedonian National Radio)

Cultural Mosaic, 26/09/2014




Petar Miloshevski, an actor who lives in London, gave the Macedonian premiere of his latest work THE BEAUTIFUL. A performance dedicated to beauty, and our preoccupation with beauty in today's society, hooked the audience at the Dramski Teatar and they repeatedly summoned the actor back for curtain calls. His extraordinary power to transform himself from a narcissistic beau to an ugly man and the striking costume and music combined to create theatrical beauty the MOT audience will long remember.


Srebra Gjorgjievska – Dnevnik, daily newspaper




The second performance of the second night of the 39th MOT Festival, presented on the small stage of the Dramski Teatar, was THE BEAUTIFUL by the young actor Petar Miloshevski, a Macedonian who graduated in acting in Sofia and now lives and works in London. He came with his own project, a project of the most fascinating kind, presenting a theatre full of metaphors, at once highly visual and spoken, in a uniquely original costume and mask. Petar is an actor/writer who packs his story with metaphors, transformations of the self, the aspiration to be different, birth as well as physical and moral decay... A beautiful theatre which has been honed over a long period of time, with a clear sense of purpose. As a result it has it all.


Liljana Mazova – Globus, weekly magazine

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